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Welcome to AmarRouh!


Hello‚ I’m Amarjot and welcome to AmarRouh (Eternal Spirit).

AmarRouh is the space I set up to do the work I feel so passionately about.

And that is to create change in the world.

I help others create positive change in their lives‚ so they can make their own difference in the world.

I believe in listening to our bodies‚ and that when we listen and act on what we hear (physically‚ mentally‚ emotionally and spiritually)‚ that we can live happier‚ fuller lives.

I have also learnt that I am happiest, when I follow my dreams‚ and do the work that I love‚ by helping people create the change they want.  Since leaving the corporate world in 2013, I now run my coaching business full time and combine my life learnings and choices with my intuition, passion and 4 years of coaching and resilience management experience.

Coaching and witnessing people in their truth and realness is my true soul’s work.

And I have a natural ability to take what I learn‚ and create and deliver programmes‚ courses and workshops that inspire change‚ growth and expansion in you. So I do that too!

Connection‚ learning and sharing are my favourite things to be doing‚ and this is when I am at my best!

I believe that when we begin the journey of listening to our body and specifically our heart‚ we open a whole new world of potential‚ creativity and opportunity and have no choice but to grow with it!

Over the years‚ I continue to learn the importance of listening to my own body‚ what I need as a woman‚ how to create balance when I feel stuck‚ and how to consciously step into my most resilient self. This work reminds me that I continue to learn and grow‚ and how much it is also needed for others.

I love playing with‚ and learning fearlessness‚ from my nieces and nephew (seven‚ four and three)‚ cooking from scratch‚ eating dairy free yummy food‚ being outdoors (especially talking to the trees!)‚ and writing whatever my heart desires. I have crazy good ideas when I read books that I love (from crime thrillers to chick–lit to self–development!) and will never tire of travelling and seeing the world.

Oh‚ and I am a sucker for pretty things…especially jewellery‚ journals and a pair of high heels!

If you like what you’ve read so far‚ feel free to peruse the other sections‚ especially how we can work together and how I can help you to have what you want.

Speak soon!

Amarjot x

P.S. At times‚ I must do crazy things like this skydive for charity‚ to remind myself to be fearless and that life is worth living!


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“This work had a massive effect on how I will now live my life going forward...I’ve connected to myself like never before” ∼ Amanda ∼

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